Tsunami Propagation - Test version by SiTProS Model

Siam Tsunami Propagation Simulator (SiTProS model) for Windows Systems
(by Somporn Chuai-Aree and Wattana Kanbua)

SiTProS newer version 1.2 (03.11.2006)

Download SiTProS version 1.2 (free download 105Mb)

Main software + Etopo data
(please download, then uncompress them and put all files in the same directory)
1. Download SiTProS version 1.2(all data files included, fast calculation version) (87 Mb)
2. Download Etopo2 of Asia grid (21.71 Mb)
3. Download Etopo2 of Europe grid (20.88 Mb)
4. Download Etopo2 of Arab grid (22.14 Mb)
5. Download Etopo1 of Andaman grid (14.18 Mb)
6. Download Etopo2 of Africa grid (21.55 Mb)

(Computation Time : 48 secs. on Laptop Samsung X10,
CPU Pentium M 1.4MHz, RAM 2GB)

All images were generated by SiTProS version 1.2x

The buoy was installed in Andaman ocean at Longitude 89.0E, Latitude 9.0N

More Information about SiTProS Model

SiTProS (Siam Tsunami Propagation Simulator) Model version 1.2 @ Thailand

This software named SiTProS simulates and visualizes Tsunami generation and propagation in a given computing grid in five different 
regions such as Asia , Europe, Arab (Iran-Kenya), Africa on Etopo2 grid, and Andaman on Etopo1.

The model for Tsunami propagation is based on Nonlinear Wave Equation (NWE). The code is programmed by Pascal Programming 
language. This software is designed for fast computing in Real-Time Simulation and Visualization in 2D domain.

All copyright and intellectual properties are held by the developers :  Somporn Chuai-Aree and Wattana Kanbua. This software and all 
simulated results cannot be used for any commercial purposes, but training, warning systems and education are available.

Software Minimum Requirements:
1. Computer CPU speed 1GHz or higher,
2. Graphic Card Memory size 64 MB or higher,
3. Monitor resolution 1024x768 pixels or higher, wide screen is available,
4. Main Memory (RAM) 1 GB or higher,
5. Harddisk at least 1 GB available free space.
6. Only Windows Operating Systems (XP)

NOTE: Better specification returns better and faster real-time simulation and visualization. Specification lower than requirement can be 
tested without guarantee.

   Somporn Chuai-Aree (meng@somporn.net, http://somporn.net)
   Dept.of Mathematics and Computer Science, Faculty of Science and Technology,
   Prince of Songkla University (PSU), Pattani Campus, Pattani 94000, Thailand
   (Now: Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing (IWR),
    Im Neuenheimer Feld 368, Zi. 506, University of Heidelberg, 69120 Heidelberg, Germany)


   Dr. Wattana Kanbua (watt_kan@hotmail.com)
   Director, Marine Meteorological Center, Thai Meteorological Department,
   4353 Sukhumvit road, Bangna, Bagkok 10260, Thailand


   We would like to express our sincere gratitude and deep appreciation to  
   Assoc. Prof.Dr. Ahmet Cevdet Yalciner for his guidance, invaluable advice.
   Assoc. Prof.Dr. Ahmet Cevdet Yalciner (yalciner@metu.edu.tr)
   Head of Ocean Enginering Research Center,
   Civil Engineering Department,
   Middle East Technical University, 06531 Ankara Turkey


   we also heartily thank 
   NOAA's National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC) 
   for etopo2 data.

For further comments and valuable suggestions, please send e-mail to meng@somporn.net, or watt_kan@hotmail.com